Tuesday, 27 September 2016

LoGOz - The Tavern Blyth gig review 25/09/16

Sunday September 25th saw LoGOz return to gig action, in what seemed like an eternity, at regular haunt The Tavern in Blyth. Although it had only been three weeks since our last bash we were itching to scratch that live buzz again. But not before a quick rehearsal. So we blasted through to Pulse studios in Blyth a few hours before our scheduled gig time and ran through the set and more!

As we rolled up to the venue just before 7pm, first band The Relitics had just finished their soundcheck, and by all accounts, sounding good. And loud. Nice. A warm greeting from the band and promoter Mr Vince Race, the self confessed most hungover man in England, this evenings punk proceedings were pretty much ready to go!

The Relitics fresh from their Teeside Punk Festival appearance the previous day, are a band really hitting their stride at the moment. After recently supporting American punk legends M.D.C. and a split 12" vinyl release due in October The Relitics really seem to be going places. With a solid rhythm section of the impressively bearded four stringer Neil locking in with Vince on drums, the foundations are laid for the quirky punky licks of Mick Hall on guitar and the striking presence and energy of Carol Nichol on lead vocals. Influenced from punk and new wave past and present the band seem to have found a winning formula with their own take on religion, politics and their world as they see it. A great start to the night and had us LoGOz boys more than warmed up to raise the roof on this rainy Sunday evening!

After a quick line check we were ready to roll. Crashing into set opener LONG TIME DEAD it was loud and hot and good to be back! We then ripped straight into WHY AM I A LIAR. Keeping up the pace we then introduced a bouncy JUBILEEZER to a busy appreciative crowd. Paul was having way too much fun and one aggressive guitar stroke too much during DEAD OR LIVING IN AMERICA meant an unfortunate snapped string, yet he finished the song admirably with an impressive improvisation during the crescendo. Well played that man. Carlos was also on top form, showing off his tub thumping skills especially during ANTI SOCIAL MEDIA like an octopus on Prozac with some Travis Barker-esque drum fills. Finishing off the set with the sonic hat trick of DISGRACELAND / JOIE DE VIVRE and MEXICOLA the locals were demanding more, and we certainly won't gonna argue with this lot :) Billed as two of the best punk bands in the North East, what better way than to end a great night with a bona fide Classic. We're so pretty oh so PRETTY VACANT. Another brilliant gig for LoGOz and don't forget we will be back here on November 5th for some punk rock fireworks when we're supporting the legendary SHAM 69. Thanks to The Relitics for a great set. Cheers to everyone for coming down and supporting us again it's hugely appreciated. Last but not least, thanks to Vince and everyone at The Tavern.

Peesh X

Monday, 5 September 2016

Bubbles / Tavern / Coquetfest / Bebside Inn - LoGOz & Solo Gig reviews!

A busy weekend of gigs kicked off with an acoustic solo set at Bubbles in my hometown Ashington last Thursday September 1st. This came courtesy of an offer from Mr Phil Hughes of Insangel Promotions and I was more than happy to oblige. Bubbles is a venue I've played countless times over the years. First as a young drummer with my first ever band AWOL, through to my early singing guitar playing days with JUNKSTER and The BLISTERS. So it felt comfortable yet fresh to be standing solo on such a familiar stage with so many memories, and it was time to make some new ones! After a few sound problems during first song THE BALLAD OF THE DISENCHANTED I soon found my stride as the banter and tunes flowed sweetly, in what almost felt like a warm up gig for my Mr.B slot the following evening. The reception from the intimate local crowd was warm and generous and I was happy with the start to what is gonna be a busy sonic fuelled weekend! I hung around for next band GRASSCUTTER from Newcastle who I hadn't seen before, so it's always interesting to check out new bands. After witnessing an uneasy soundcheck, the band kicked off with their groove laden psychedelic bluesy swagger and certainly grabbed my attention. But it was their intoxicated lead singer who'd even make Shane McGowan blush, that caught everyone's eye! Even though he was swigging from a bottle of water he seemed to get more pissed by each song! At one point he staggered and cracked his head off the PA speaker and with blood pouring from his head he slurred "it's only Rock n roll". I'm not sure if this was part of the act but his band didn't seem to care as they played on regardless with a more sobering intent. Fusing the likes of The Doors and early Kings Of Leon they definitely had an interesting unique quality to them. A strange end to a satisfyingly interesting night, and this was just the beginning. Big thanks to everyone who came down. Cheers to Phil Hughes and everyone at Bubbles.

Friday September 2nd saw me return to The Tavern in Blyth supporting Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer. Fresh from his successful Glastonbury appearance, this chap is very much in demand, as the busy packed house proved beyond doubt! Hitting the stage at 8:45pm the bustling unfamiliar crowd of ladies and gentlemen waited politely to see what I had in store for them. Opening up with recent new track IDOLS was a brave move, but one I pulled off with aplomb as I breezed though it to a brilliant reception. After second song THE DEATH OF THE 7" SINGLE I knew I had them on my side and it was going great. Picking the more lyrically humorous tunes to tailor my set to fit the mood of the night just seemed the right thing to do. It was cool to play a song like SKOOL DAZE which rarely gets an outing and is a number that everyone can relate to. Climaxing with OLD PUNKS NEVER DIE / ONLY FOOLS & HORSES brought my set to a rapturous end and I couldn't have been happier. I was dripping with sweat and every drop was well earned and deserved even if I do say so myself. Next up was the smartly dressed mustachioed chap himself who had the crowd eating out of his hand from the off. Beckoning them to the front of the stage and had everyone singing along to his opening song, our beige trousered aristocratic hero was in full flow. All hail the chap indeed. Although an acquired taste you can't help but be entertained by this clever talented ukulele wielding chap hopster. The highlight for me being his early 90s indie mash up including classic snippets from HAPPY MONDAYS, STONE ROSES and INSPIRAL CARPETS. A great end to another successful solo nights work. Thanks again to everyone who came along. Cheers to Vince Race and everyone at The Tavern.

Saturday September 3rd and this was shaping up to be one hectic roller coaster ride. I was right. With the rain lashing down we got to Druridge Bay Country Park site around 5:40pm, a mere 20 minutes before our allocated stage time. Also due to the shit weather the outdoor stage, where we had been due to perform, had been cancelled so we were moved to the Blue stage tent! Previous band Dennis were just announcing their last song as we waited eagerly for our slot! We were reminded of a strict 30 minute stage time as things were running very tight with the outdoor stage being knackered and having to accommodate all those acts into the remaining tents! So it was just our luck that our reliable guitar tuners decided not to play ball! With the clock ticking and the blue stage crowd growing by the second, Paul and myself were more out of tune than we were before we started! I wouldn't say we were panicking but this was certainly testing our resilience! After a shout from me from the stage, a helpful fellow guitar player saved the day by handing me a snazzy tuner! Thank you that man, whoever you are! We must have now used up a good 12 minutes of stage time. But hey this is rock n roll. It's LoGOz. Things aren't meant to run smoothly for us! It's all part of the rollercoaster ride we're on! So we're here now and we're gonna have a blast. And we certainly did that. One of the shortest sets we'll ever play LONG TIME DEAD, JUBILEEZER, HELLO LONELY, DISGRACELAND and MEXICOLA but the crowd fucking loved it! As did we! No sooner had the applause and cheers left our ears we were shunting it across the field with the rain still lashing down on us and we reloaded the cars to get ready to hit the Bebby! But before that we had time for a brief break and crack with fellow revellers as we enjoyed a Belgian beer and a German sausage. 

We pulled up at the Bebside Inn Blyth around 7:45 to see sound man Steve Wolf happily setting the PA up. As we manoeuvred around him we were all set up in good time as we prepared for the two 45 minute sets ahead. It was great to see so many familiar LoGOz hardcore faces tonight so we knew we were in good company. Kicking off with INTERGALACTIC GIRL and straight into ALIENATION it freshened us up playing some older LoGOz tracks that only make an appearance on these double setters. We also threw in one of my old songs RUBY MURRAY that I wrote when I was in The Blisters. It's a fun song about drinking and curries and fitted in well towards the end of our first set. After a 30 minute break and another Scorpion lager we launched into our second set with LONG TIME DEAD. The crowd were now as warmed up as were as folk happily danced and sang long. Happy days. There was even another blast from the past we gave them my old band Junkster classic ONLY IN AMERICA. As we finished our second stint with the Sex Pistols anthem PRETTY VACANT, the Bebby massive demanded more! And we for one, weren't gonna disappoint! So MEXICOLA got its third airing of the day and everybody was happy! Not least us, and me personally who was knackered but buzzing after a hugely successful weekends gigging! Thank you again to everyone who came along and to all the staff at The Bebside Inn. Special mention to Jill D who saved the day a few times this weekend with transport help, you're a star! 

Phew I think that's all folks! Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

LoGOz - Washington & Ashington Gig reviews / NEW 12:OTHERS Track #8 / Upcoming gigs!!!

Friday August 26th saw LoGOz back on the road, this time in Washington, and more specifically The Ox and Plough. After a slight mystery tour thanks to an unhelpful sat nav system in our spankin' hire car we got to the venue around 7:30pm. Sound man Steve Wolf was already on the case, as were LoGOz boys Carlos and Paul. So it was a simple case of slipping my gear onstage for the commencing sound check. After that was swiftly nailed it was time for a brief set up for myself as this was the first of two nights I'd be supporting the band with a solo acoustic set. Always very  interesting and challenging gigs these ones. My acoustic and LoGOz sets are very different types of performances in terms of style, delivery, and emotions even, but ones I can't wait to get stuck into. As the clock struck 9 and the lads had just returned from stuffing their faces with chips it was solo set time. Breezing into usual set opener THE BALLAD OF THE DISENCHANTED I was off and running. The crowd was busy, and receptive enough as I almost felt like I was gate crashing their standard covers band Friday nights entertainment! But the vibe was good and cheeky banter aplenty as I soared through a cool 30 minutes, including new song IDOLS. Job done.

After a short break and reflective pint with Clemmy outside we chatted with a few locals who were eagerly awaiting the appearance of LoGOz as the clock ticked closer to 10pm. Blasting straight into LONG TIME DEAD we were off and running! It's always cool to play new venues and this was no exception. Due to its situation this was very much a local pub for local people. And that is by no means a bad thing. In fact it only made the band work harder as we sang for our supper! By the time we reached the MEXICOLA finale we had won over the excitable locals as they literally vocally demanded more, and who were we to argue! We had given them everything we had, but Paul came up trumps with a suggestion to give them another helping of NO WIN SITUATION, a song that has gone down a storm earlier in the set! So give it to them we did! A cracking end to a great night. Thanks to everyone who came along to see us. Cheers to Jordan Sarin for booking us too. We shall return :)

So onto Saturday August 27th and a return to our hometown Ashington with a gig at the Foxcover. I can't believe it was back in May when we last played here! This year is flying man! With it being the bank holiday weekend we could be forgiven for the fact that it was Reading, Leeds festival, Blyth Tall Ships Regatta as well as whatever other Bank Holiday shenanigans folk get up to! But the turn out for this was brilliant all things considered. Again I opened up the night with an acoustic solo set. Always more nerve wracking on home soil with so many familiar faces watching. But it went down a storm and I was buzzing as I left the stage closing with OLD PUNKS NEVER DIE /  ONLY FOOLS / AUF PET crescendo! This was just the start I needed as LoGOz prepared to melt some faces yet again! After an almost uncertain first appearance here back in May it was great to finally nail this place and help establish it as a great Live music venue! The band were on fire and we  really hit our stride as friendly faces nodded, cheered and sang along in appreciation! Another great gig for LoGOz completing a cool double Bank holiday whammy of gigs! Massive thanks to the great crowd for  such a turnout we really couldn't have asked for more! Cheers also to Steve again for a brilliant job on the sound and to Ross the Boss and everyone at The Foxcover. 

Okay onto this Wednesday August 31st that will see the release of my NEW 12:OTHERS Track #8 which is THIS IS HOW IT FEELS by The Inspiral Carpets. A brilliant yet dark hauntingly melodic single that reached Number 14 in 1990 as the baggy indie scene was just hitting its peak. I always loved the song back then and I actually learnt it a few years ago but hadn't done anything about it. So it was only last week for some reason it sneaked back into my psyche and it made sense to record it as my next 12:OTHERS track. As ever I've put my own punk esque spin on it. I hope you enjoy it. As ever you can download it for FREE from August 31st at
and it will be available until September 30th when the next track is uploaded. 

Also got a few gigs to tell you about as its another busy weekend of Live action coming up! On Friday September 2nd I will be opening up with a solo acoustic set for the chaptastic Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer at The Tavern in Blyth. Tickets are £6 so contact us here if you would like one please! They're going fast, so get in there quick! 

Then on Saturday September 3rd LoGOz will be on the outdoor main stage at Coquetfest at 6pm. And if that isn't enough, we'll be hot footing it straight to The Bebside Inn in Blyth later that night for a double set gig kicking off at 9pm! Phew it's gonna be some weekend lads and lasses! Hope to see lots of your familiar faces at these shows!?!

*LAST MINUTE GIG NEWS* Just found out I will also be playing a solo acoustic set at Bubbles Bar in Ashington tomorrow Thursday September 1st at 9pm. Also playing will be GRASSCUTTER from Newcastle. So come down and kick off ya weekend early!?! It's FREE Entry too :) Thanks to Phil from Insangel Promotions for this last minute gig!

Thanks for reading! 
Peesh X

Monday, 22 August 2016

Tyne Idols Punk Tour Bus Solo gig 18/08/16

Thursday August 18th saw me on The Tyne Idols Punk Tour Bus, the brain child of Radio Northumberland's very own Keith Newman. I was asked a few weeks ago by Keith if I was interested in performing for this at a special secret location, and I jumped at the chance. The location of course being the legendary Newcastle City Hall. This was gonna be something else. As we dodged some busy early evening traffic and some nifty driving by Jill Bee, Clemmy and I strolled up to the bus with minutes to spare for the scheduled 7pm start. We were warmly greeted by Mr Newman himself and a friendly older gentleman enquiring as to whether I was 'the turn' for the evening? As I laughed and said yes and that I was nervously excited about performing at the City Hall, he reassured me it would be great and that he'd played there 100 times haha! The senior chap was actually Lindisfarne drummer Ray Laidlaw. Top bloke. 

So we boarded the bus and hit the top deck. I recognised a few friendly faces, as hands were shook and beer tins were clanked, we were off! With Keith at the helm, and trustee sidekicks Ramona Lisa and Punky Paul in tow, organised chaos was assured :) Winding in and out of the streets and old punk haunts of Newcastle, the bus snaked it's way through the city's historical underground musical past. MC Newman was on top form, telling very informative interesting and amusing tales as Punky Paul provided the sonic backdrop with class tunes including local heroes Penetration and the Angelic Upstarts. Also on hand was punk historian John Esplen who told some brilliant sex drugs and pure rock n roll tales involving The Clash and The Dickies, to name but a few. This was all too much fun as we rolled up to old LoGOz haunt The Black Bull in Gateshead for more alcoholic refreshments! It was cool to reconnect with Shev and Maz as we quaffed our beers and headed back onto the bus. Next stop City Hall.

As we made our way into the legendary venue Clemmy also reconnected with an old mate and City Hall top house roadie Dave Newbold who was more than helpful as we made our way to the main stage. It was so cool being in the impressive empty hall imagining all the icons who had graced this famous place over the last 50 years! Ray Laidlaw was conducting an informal talk to the joy of the tour bus massive as Clemmy and me had a quick peep at the dressing/green room area. To think some of the debauched shenanigans that have taken place in those spaces haha! But hey, I had more important things on my mind! After a swift soundcheck  at last I was standing on the main stage Newcastle City Hall as the happy punks and punkettes took their places on the stage seating area. After a brief big up intro from Keith it was my time to shine. 

Kicking off with a brand new  song 'IDOLS' was a brave move, but one which paid off as it went down brilliantly and the enthusiastic reaction only helped ease my adrenaline fuelled nerves. Next up as homage to my first ever City Hall gig I played STAND AND DELIVER by Adam and the Ants, and thanks to Bev and Marcia for impromptu added extra 'hand drums' :) I finished my short set with 'OLD PUNKS NEVER DIE' complete with 'THATS LIVING ALRIGHT / LIKELY LADS Theme' outtro. With the applause and cheers ringing in my ears this was a special performance I wont ever forget. After a few quick photos we then quickly headed back onto the bus for the final part of the Tour. 

As the evening turned to night we drank and sang along to the likes of 'ALTERNATIVE ULSTER' (Bucket of Lobsters) and Toy Dolls fun punk classic 'NELLIE THE ELEPHANT'. As the bus applied the breaks for the final stop it was time to say our goodbyes. New firm friends and fans were made tonight as well as old ones rejoining the party! This was one memorable evening that will stick long in my mind. Big thanks to Keith, Lisa and Paul as well as Julie at Tyne Idols. Also cheers to everyone who attended the punk tour and helped make it a night I'll remember forever. There also a cool video of my performance on YouTube check it out here 

Also just to let you know the aforementioned 'IDOLS' is the title track of my brand new Solo 5 Track EP. The track listing is:


You can buy this from our website www.logozworld.com/shop and will also be available at upcoming gigs! Speaking of which we/I have two gigs coming up this weekend. On Friday August 26th LoGOz will be playing at The Ox and Plough in Washington. I will be kicking the evening off with an acoustic solo set at 9pm and it's FREE Entry. Then on Saturday the 27th of August we will be at the Fox Cover in Ashington. Again it's FREE Entry and  I'll be opening up the night at 9pm with another solo set! It's gonna be a busy weekend of sonic activity so come and join us for some bank holiday punk rock fun lads and lasses!!!

Thanks for reading! 

Peesh X

Monday, 8 August 2016

LoGOz - Arizona Sunderland gig review 4/8/16

Thursday August 4th saw LoGOz return to Live action with a gig at Arizona in Sunderland. This show was offered to us only a week earlier by new friends and band SOUND REACTION. The guys were kinda left in limbo by a cancellation by big guns FROM THE JAM and we were only to happy to help out! After almost getting dizzy looping the one way system in the city centre we pulled up outside the venue at the later than planned time of 7pm. 

The rain was trying it's best to put a dampener on tonight's attendance, but we weren't to be beat as already a healthy crowd were milling about inside as we nailed a quick soundcheck! It was good to have a crack with the SR Boys who were top lads from the off, as we shared a beer and a crack over all things punk rock and roll! Before long it was time for them to open the nights sonic proceedings. The lads played a cracking set much to the joy of their strong local following. For me I heard shades of The Jam, The Who, and the Arctic Monkeys, all wrapped up in their own unique modern pub rock twist. Highlights of the set included their self titled track and the sing a long favourite 'Punk Rock Radio'. Both these songs can be found on their 'Walking the Streets' EP. You can buy this from their www.soundreaction.bandcamp.com 
page. Also for more info check out www.facebook.com/soundreaction

Now it was LoGOz turn to rip it up! The rain had eased and there was a cracking crowd waiting in anticipation for our chance to shine! Playing to a largely brand new audience hearing us for the first time is always one of my favourite most rewarding challenges, and tonight was as glorious as ever! It was time to melt faces! Launching into 'Long Time Dead' and then straight into 'Why am I a Liar' we were sounding good man, as our guitars were as menacing as ever, and Carlos fuelled by biscuits and Becks, thundered along to the beat! We played a blinding energising power hour of pure punk pop rock n roll. Even throwing in our Sex Pistols favourite 'Pretty Vacant' much to the approval of our new found friends and fans! Also it was cool to get a chance to play rarer Live tracks like 'Skeletons' and 'Little OCD'. Closing as ever with the rousing climatic 'Mexicola' the reception was fantastic as we celebrated another away day victory! We stuck around afterwards for a while chatting with the band and the enthusiastic Arizona punters, as we all reflected on what was a very successful evening of original Live music. As we said our farewells we all knew it probably won't be too long before we're sharing a stage again. Watch this space! Cheers to all the staff and Sound guys at Arizona. Big thanks of course to SOUND REACTION and especially bass player Chris Marner and Clemmy Scotswood for sorting out this great gig. Last but not least, a special mention to the top crowd who braved the bad weather and made it a great turn out and a night to remember!

Peesh X

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Woodhorn Music Festival Review - New Song THAT WAS ENGLAND + 12:OTHERS Track #7 Ghost Town

Last Saturday July 23rd saw LoGOz play our hometown with an appearance at the Woodhorn Music Lane Festival at Ashington Football Club. As our original slot time of 5:30pm had been knocked back to 3pm to accommodate another headline act we were kinda relieved when we arrived at the festival at 2:30pm to find things were running slightly late anyway. Although in hindsight this was to actually end up biting us on the arse, through no fault of our own! With a huge impressive Marquee set up on the pitch with two stages at each ends and great sound system we were well up for this one! We hit the stage at around 3:38pm :) 

A large crowd of friends fans and family had gather to see us blast into LONG TIME DEAD then straight into NO WIN SITUATION as we had our designated 30 minute slot time off to a tee! The crowd were lapping it up, singing along with their alco grins and we were loving every minute! But time seemed to be against us. As we were on our ascendency of sonic euphoria and with 3 songs still left to play we were informed by Soundman Dr. Trev that we only had one song remaining?? Surely we hadn't played for 30 minutes?? We were repeatedly frantically informed that we must be off stage by 4pm! I joked from the stage that I might just do an infamous Billie Jo Green Day meltdown act as the
frontman did a few years back when his band were forced to cut their set short on an American festival slot! I then made the decision that we would finish as ever with MEXICOLA! To say we were disappointed was an understatement as we were playing with true spirit and focus that was clear to see and it felt and sounded good man! So we left the stage to thunderous applause and cheers and cries for more!! As we exited the back of the marquee we were then informed by Trev and organiser Tony that there had been a mistake and mix up of times and we had been unnecessarily cut short! We were gutted. Yeah it was only 8 minutes short but that's a lot of stage time believe me, especially when you're on fire haha! At the end of the day these big events can be chaotic at times with so much going on, timings and schedules etc can get mixed up and unfortunately LoGOz were on the receiving end this time. But hey, it still took nothing away from the fact it was a cracking gig for the band and a big thanks to everyone who came down to support this great event. As we mingled and drank with the summer revellers there was even time to watch Carlos do a spot of moonlighting as he provided spontaneous unrehearsed beats for Dick York and his bass man. It was fun and enjoyable watching our skinsman keeping up with Dicks slick quirky time changes, as Paul drank his own body weight with the bands complimentary beer tokens! Special mention to manager Clemmy and Jill who saved the day retrieving my missing in action Marshall head amp! A great day had by all. Cheers to Tony, Trev, the sound Crew and everyone at Ashington FC.

Well 50 years ago this week as a Nation we were basking in the glory of a World Cup triumph! As on July 30th 1966 England beat West Germany 4-2 in the Final at Wembley. So what better way to honour that than with a brand new song?! I had the melody, music and a loosely based England theme a few months back but all of a sudden as this anniversary grew closer and was on my conscience as a big football fan and nostalgist, the lyrics just came naturally! The heroics of the boys in red that day certainly puts our modern over paid under achieving millionaires to shame! 

You can listen to this song here:

Also the end of this month sees Track #7 of my 12:OTHERS Project. This comes in the shape of GHOST TOWN by The Specials. Another one of my all time favourite tunes. This classic was written by Jerry Dammers and was Number 1 in the summer of 1981, a mere 35 years ago! This is, as ever my own punked up take on another great song! You can download this for FREE at www.logozworld.com/12-others Enjoy lads and please feel free to share on all your anti social media websites :)

Also just to let you know LoGOz return to live action this Thursday with a gig at Arizona in Sunderland. This is FREE Entry. Support comes from Sound Reaction. Doors open 7.30pm. Come down and kick off ya weekend in style!

Excuse my quietness lately on social media sites, if anyone has noticed, as it's been a sad time with a family bereavement. Only last Sunday we lost my Grandad who died aged 95. He was a proud hard working old school old fashioned man who lived his life the way he wanted to, right up until the end. For that I only have massive respect for him. We will all miss him very much.

Thanks for reading!
Peesh x

Monday, 11 July 2016

LoGOz - Think Tank + Metro Radio Arena NEVFEST Reviews July 8th & 10th 2016.

Friday July 8th saw LoGOz return to Think Tank in Newcastle for a support slot with local punk rock heroes CRASHED OUT. After more unfortunate vehicle issues with the LoGOz mobile, this meant manager Clemmy and also Jill Bee had to miss out on this one sadly. With Pauls band wagon still in full working order the 3 LoGOz punkateers rolled into Town around 6:45pm just as the CRASHED OUT boys were finishing their sound check. After a quick scope of the venue I managed to track down promoter Steve Jones so I could sort out LoGOz guest list and ticket issues etc. So I must admit was a little more relaxed once this was resolved, phew. So onto LoGOz soundcheck. As well as Band car trouble, Paul also had a bit of head trouble himself. Head, as in guitar amp head problems. So we were resolved to using a replacement combi amp, which could affect our usual twin bollocked beefy sound on stage. Thankfully with an enthusiastically top forward thinking sound man at the desk, we were back to our usual double buzz saw onslaught! A quick run through of 'No Win Situation' and we were ready to go! Just in time as the doors opened, as friends, family and punters made their way up the stairs and into the main room. With a show time of 8pm prompt I had enough time to have a crack and a beer backstage with CRASHED OUT brothers Chris and Lee Wright. Top down to earth lads who know the game so well, onstage and off. Kicking off with usual set opener 'Long Time Dead' and it felt good to back after what felt like an age since our last electric gig! To be honest the earlier transport and gear snags had slightly unsettled me, which added a nervy edge to us, and sometimes that isn't necessarily a bad thing! HELLO LONELY and DISGRACELAND particularly going down well. The set was storming along as people slowly made their way into the venue. Yet it was only as the final strains of MEXICOLA were still echoing in our ears that the bodies really started filling the room. But hey, we can't be too disappointed with the timing of something beyond our control, and at least we were safe in the knowledge that we delivered a great set to the best of our ability. As we left the stage we were met with kind words and warm handshakes from the CRASHED OUT lads who were limbering up ready for their kick off! 

As we chatted with those who had came to support us, the vibes were good, as well as making a few new fans seeing LoGOz for the first time. Sweet. We found a good spot, stage left, near the front as CRASHED OUT bashed out opening track, and local anthem 'Tyne and Wear'. The lads were on top form, evidently as pretty girls danced and sang along, decked out in their favourite bands attire. The Oi boys also joining in the Friday night pogo a go go, as the band had more aces up their tattooed sleeves than a Scottish Wimbledon champion. We were also treated to a surprising blistering cover of 'Ace of Spades' by Motörhead. Of all the local and national punk rock bands we have played with over the years CRASHED OUT are right up there with the best of them in my opinion. Closing a rousing power hour with Live favourite 'Cushy Butterfield' that had the home crowd singing along, it was a triumphant end to a great gig. If you haven't witnessed the band before, do yourselves a favour and check them out here www.crashedout.co.uk 

Thanks again to everyone who came along. Cheers to Lee for the gear share and to Sean Valentine for the contact, also to Steve Jones and everyone at Think Tank.

So on to Sunday and here was two gigs with a difference! Double acoustic slots, one for LoGOz and one solo. Both at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle for the North Vegan Festival. With the event opening at 10:30am and LoGOz being first act of the day at 11am, this was definitely our earliest timed performance to date! As we drove past security and into the loading bay at the rear ending of the Arena, we were greeted by today's entertainments manager Todd C Stone. After a slight backstage winding maze Spinal Tap-esque "Hello Cleveland" journey, we were soon in the main arena where the stalls with food, drinks, clothing etc were all in full swing. The stage was sort of set up with its back to most of the main stalls but facing 100's of those lovely green cold arse seats the Arena is famous for. This meant we had an audience coming from all sides! We were also given a nice little side room in which to warm up, as Coldplay blasting through the PA was a little off putting to say the least! So as Paul and me got our acoustic groove on and Carlos the Tambourine man shook along to the beat and it was almost time to get up and get on. 

Just as we were tuned up plugged in and ready to start we were informed by Sound tech, DJ Neil Owen Kipling, (who was an exceedingly good host) that we were also being broadcast Live on Nova Radio North East. Cool. Breezing straight into 'JUBILEEZER' with its stripped down swagger this was gonna be a laid back fun gig as at least 1,000 vegan revellers lapped up the delights on offer, sonic and organic. With a cheeky Sex Pistols cover changed to 'Pretty Vegan' we were having way too much fun for a Sunday morning and it was all over too quick! But not for me, as I was second act of the day with a solo set to follow. So after a quick change over and refresh I was back onstage and raring to go! Kicking off with my usual solo opener 'The Ballad of the Disenchanted' it felt good after LoGOz set had warmed me right up and my confidence was sky high. Thankfully Clemmy was able to make it today and got some fantastic pics of the band and myself which really captures the spirit of the event. Also Jill Bee broadcast the gigs Live on Periscope online too. So thanks to hundreds of folk who tuned in to watch that too! Finishing my set with 'Old Punks Never Die' complete with 'Only Fools and Horses' crescendo, I could've played all night! But there were more acts to follow, and what's more, I was Hank Marvin! Time to sample the delights we thought, and the offer of a vegan hospitality Hot Dog (or Not Dog to Paul) was too much to resist! I can honestly say I really enjoyed mine, but I'm not sure Carl and Paul were convinced. A quick mooch around the stalls and against my better judgement I bought some super hot cashew nuts. After popping a free sample nut in my gob and yet to get the Naga chilli kick, it was only when I handed my money over in exchange for a bag that my eyes started bubbling and steam was coming out my ears and I was sweating profusely, that I realised I'd maybe misjudged these bad boys! On returning to the group I was more than happy to share my hot nuts with anyone who wished to be my guest! They were not as grateful haha! All in all a very successful, different, unusual but exciting and very rewarding pair of gigs today that I wouldn't have missed for the world. Cheers again to Todd and Neil, all the pretty vegans and everyone at the Arena. Special mention to transport saviour J Dent too. 

Thank for reading!
Peesh X