Tuesday, 27 September 2016

LoGOz - The Tavern Blyth gig review 25/09/16

Sunday September 25th saw LoGOz return to gig action, in what seemed like an eternity, at regular haunt The Tavern in Blyth. Although it had only been three weeks since our last bash we were itching to scratch that live buzz again. But not before a quick rehearsal. So we blasted through to Pulse studios in Blyth a few hours before our scheduled gig time and ran through the set and more!

As we rolled up to the venue just before 7pm, first band The Relitics had just finished their soundcheck, and by all accounts, sounding good. And loud. Nice. A warm greeting from the band and promoter Mr Vince Race, the self confessed most hungover man in England, this evenings punk proceedings were pretty much ready to go!

The Relitics fresh from their Teeside Punk Festival appearance the previous day, are a band really hitting their stride at the moment. After recently supporting American punk legends M.D.C. and a split 12" vinyl release due in October The Relitics really seem to be going places. With a solid rhythm section of the impressively bearded four stringer Neil locking in with Vince on drums, the foundations are laid for the quirky punky licks of Mick Hall on guitar and the striking presence and energy of Carol Nichol on lead vocals. Influenced from punk and new wave past and present the band seem to have found a winning formula with their own take on religion, politics and their world as they see it. A great start to the night and had us LoGOz boys more than warmed up to raise the roof on this rainy Sunday evening!

After a quick line check we were ready to roll. Crashing into set opener LONG TIME DEAD it was loud and hot and good to be back! We then ripped straight into WHY AM I A LIAR. Keeping up the pace we then introduced a bouncy JUBILEEZER to a busy appreciative crowd. Paul was having way too much fun and one aggressive guitar stroke too much during DEAD OR LIVING IN AMERICA meant an unfortunate snapped string, yet he finished the song admirably with an impressive improvisation during the crescendo. Well played that man. Carlos was also on top form, showing off his tub thumping skills especially during ANTI SOCIAL MEDIA like an octopus on Prozac with some Travis Barker-esque drum fills. Finishing off the set with the sonic hat trick of DISGRACELAND / JOIE DE VIVRE and MEXICOLA the locals were demanding more, and we certainly won't gonna argue with this lot :) Billed as two of the best punk bands in the North East, what better way than to end a great night with a bona fide Classic. We're so pretty oh so PRETTY VACANT. Another brilliant gig for LoGOz and don't forget we will be back here on November 5th for some punk rock fireworks when we're supporting the legendary SHAM 69. Thanks to The Relitics for a great set. Cheers to everyone for coming down and supporting us again it's hugely appreciated. Last but not least, thanks to Vince and everyone at The Tavern.

Peesh X

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